Formulation Development

At Sterling, we offer an all-encompassing source to carry your idea or technology transfer from concept to commercialization all in one location. By providing formulation development services focused on concept design through GMP and proven analytical processes, we strive to obtain continuous improvement in efficiency and production yields.  Our expert scientists exercise proficiency and accurate methods that adhere to FDA regulations to identify the physical and chemical properties of a molecule to determine the proper dosage and release method, which can help prevent non-uniformity and reduce waste.

Identifying internal and external factors that can react with the drug and change its overall stability, allows us to mitigate production delays and downstream conflicts that are the result of damage to the drug's effectiveness from degradation that would have occurred under normal or stressed environmental conditions.

Concept - Development -  Clinical Trials - Registration - Manufacturing - Packaging - Commercialization

  • Pre-Formulation Studies
  • Design of Experiments
  • Tablet and Capsule Development
  • Product Re-Formulation
  • Scale Up
  • Site Transfer
  • SUPAC Guidance
  • Packaging and Distribution