About Us

At Sterling Pharmaceutical Services, we formulate and manufacture pharmaceutical products in specialty markets like ophthalmic and veterinary medicine. Our greatest value lies in our ability to operate within budget while also meeting strict deadlines. Our clients and their customers depend on our processes and ongoing R&D to provide the latest solutions on the market. That is how we’ve been able to grow into the company we are today.


Timeline of 10 milestones in the history of Sterling Pharmaceutical

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The history of Sterling Pharmaceutical is rooted in family. Today, the company is built on that foundation.

Our History

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Pillars of Sterling Pharmaceutical Life

Our values as a company set us apart from our competition. We believe a healthy company must adhere to these values for continued success.

Life at Sterling Pharmaceutical

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Vision and Mission

Our vision of the future shapes our strategy. Our mission helps us understand how we can reach towards that vision.

Vision and Mission

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Our Facilities

Our facilities were built to research, test, manufacture, package, store, and distribute pharmaceutical products. 

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Our DEA (C2-C5) and FDA certified facilities have the capacity to handle new drug entities, technology transfers, and scale-ups in one-centralized location from concept to commercialization. Our continuous commitment to confidentiality and timeliness has allowed us to build not only a commercial partnership, but a relationship with our clients.