Why Choose Sterling?

Our Mission

To provide formulation and contract manufacturing services to specialty sectors of the pharmaceutical market, while continuing to ensuring that the quality, timeliness and operational excellence of our services meet or exceed the goals of our stakeholders.

Knowledge and Experience

At Sterling, we have a combined 75 years of experience in the contract pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.  Throughout this time period, we have successfully developed and launched over 400 products and 38 aNDA submissions into a highly regulated and competitive market.  Our manufacturing facility is focused on providing the best results and optimization throughout concept to commercialization.


  • Having handled virtually every dosage form, our company provides extensive experience and expertise to effectively evaluate and formulate your unique product concept.
  • Sterling offers a unique variety of delivery dosages, including, but not limited to, mini-tabs, layered tablets, sprinkles, immediate and controlled release formats.
  • Sterling has extensive experience in de-formulating tablets and solid/liquid/oral doses, including ophthalmic products by Q1/Q2 matching.
  • Our facility has the capacity to provide a complete turnkey solution, including the API Selection, Supplier Qualification, Method Development, Formulation, Bio-Study Management, Commercial Management, and Regulatory Filing.