Rx Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

At Sterling Pharmaceutical, our industry experts specialize in the formulation, development, and manufacturing of prescription (Rx) drugs for an assortment of applications, including IND, NDA, aNDA and 505(b2).

Our centralized facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support the process of transforming your concept and vision to a prescription drug that is safe for the commercial market. To supplement the demand for quality contract manufacturing services, Sterling offers a line of services to encompass all needs specific to the RX market.

Our facility experts have extensive amounts of hands-on experience to qualify them, from working with handling API selection, formulation, clinical site management, to submission batch manufacture, FDA filing, validation, and commercial manufacturing.

Sterling Pharmaceutical also offers several formulation and development services for prescription drugs including solubility and bio-availability enhancement, modified and control release, sprinkle format, mini tablets, ODTs, and suspension solutions.

Our DEA (C2-C5) and FDA certified facilities have the capacity to handle new drug entities, technology transfers, and scale-ups in one-centralized location from concept to commercialization. Our continuous commitment to confidentiality and timeliness has allowed us to build not only a commercial partnership, but a relationship with our clients.