Nutraceutical Manufacturing

Several years ago, the nutritional drug industry reformed its’ regulatory standards and increased regulations to provide additional oversight to help guide quality assurance for products entering the market. These new regulations aimed to improve the end-result and benefits that the consumer would expect.

As other contract manufacturing facilities struggled to adapt to the newly reformed regulations, Sterling Pharmaceutical began to offer manufacturing, packing, and labeling services for the nutritional market within its’ GMP-compliant facility. Here at Sterling, our experts test all of the ingredients to be used in the manufacturing process. This not only complies with federal regulations, but also ensures that our clients are receiving only the finest in natural ingredients that are derived from reliable sources.

At Sterling, we understand that inconsistency and unreliability within nutritional and health supplements leads to production downtime or a delayed entrance into the market. It is because of this understanding that we use only laboratory-proven analytical techniques to manufacture products that meet the demands of our clients and the end-consumer.

Our facility specializes in the development of tablet and capsule dosages for prenatal vitamins, general vitamins, mineral supplementation, and more.